Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bala Shark

     Also known as the tricolor shark (Tricolor shark) or shark silver (Silver shark), the Bala Shark is a call occurs in most stores. However, this fish is not necessarily a good poor choice for most aquariums. The Bala Shark is very active, measuring up to 35 cm and he prefers to live in shoals. Thus a standard aquarium is too small to hold the Bala Shark long term.
     The Bala Shark is very peaceful. Although this fish becomes large, it will not bother other fish, except those who fall into his mouth. Ideally, there should be groups of six or more, but not less than three.
     Food: You will have no problem to feed the fish. The Bala Shark accept all foods, including flakes. This fish is mainly carnivorous, but can be addressed

     in soft plant. Live foods, frozen and freeze-dried are his favorites. A proper diet will intensify the colors of its wings.

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  1. The Bala shark is one of the easiest fish to maintain it is also one of the most peaceful that minds its own business at all times. The Tank should be large with live plants and also lots of swimming areas, the Bala is a very active fish which will cover all areas of the tank and will go over the substrate picking up pieces of food that were missed by others. antivirus download free | antivirus free download