Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coloring Flowers - Lily of the Valley

Known since ancient times, the pretty white flower with multiple bells was considered a good luck charm among the Celts, and symbolized the arrival of Spring.
It was King Charles IX is the origin of this tradition, one day he received a lily of the valley as a gift luck, the gesture was greatly appreciated and he decided to give each year to the ladies of the court . Lady bell is also the symbol of dating. In time, balls were organized thrush, the girls were dressed in white and boys decorated their buttonholes with a sprig of lily of the valley.
The lily is a symbol of Labor Day. It was the badge of the protesters, who were struggling to establish a working day of 8 hours. Revis that time with your own coloring thrush.
May 1st is the day of rest for all ages, and Dad usually absent in the morning to buy thrush mom. You too can do as adults, offering him a nice coloring thrush.

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