Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photo Turkey

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Ocellated turkey (Agriocharis ocellata) belongs to the family of Meleagrididae (order Galliformes). We meet this bird about 90 cm in the subtropical lowlands of the Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala. It takes its name from the beautiful spots shaped ocelli located at the end of the tail feathers. It lives in the scrub and mixed forests. Polygamous habits of the wild, it performs a courtship very theatrical. The incubation period, which lasts 28 days, and rearing are the sole responsibility of the females, which lay 8 to 15 eggs in a nest built at ground level.The species strain domestic turkey, the one seen in the backyard is Meleagris gallopavo, that is to say, the wild turkey, a native of the United States and Mexico. It is a large bird, the brown plumage with green reflections, his head and neck are bare and fitted with wattles erection.

Turkey is high only for meat production, it now tends to compete with other productions white meat (veal), due to favorable feed conversion: the format and the thickness of the muscle for the preparation of boneless meat sold as roasts and cutlets. Turkey has an annual egg production from 60 to 80 eggs. The turkey intensive monitoring. During the first eight weeks, breeding takes place in closed rooms (8 subjects per m2) at a temperature of 14-21 ° C. By the end of this period, the animal is either high confinement (about 2 bêtes/m2) or outside as an animal feed (100 head / ha). Due to its rapid growth, the species is very demanding in proteins. The male weighs 30% more than the female reaches from 15 to 20 kg for large breeds (Tanned America, Grand Blanc) and 9-10 kg in light breeds (White Beltsville). Breeds of French origin (Gers Black, Black Sologne, etc..) Are a means 10 to 12 kg for the male.

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